Poem Therapy 2:57 P.M. 24 September 2012: effect shrewd preferences - Evie Shockley

effect shrewd preferences
Evie Shockley

the screed seen here blesses
        the sweet, the meek, the gentle,
                the serene. let eyes ensembled
peep the news sheets: ere
        december descends, we'll elect
                the next pres, reps, etc. when
we welter, cede the wheel,
        we let greed-questers enter
                (well-dressed jerks!). they send
themselves the green we need,
        help themselves fleece the sheep
                we be. we're the perfect prey!
the press sleeps the sleep we
        deserve, then bleeds berserk
                text between celeb tweets. we'd
best reject the mess, steer
        the fleet between these repellent
                hells. veer! swerve! reverse!
here's the pledge: we'll expect
        better press. elect the decent
                men, the keenest shes. revere
sense. never feed spleen lest
        we weep endless weeks, red-
                eyed, bereft. let excellent pens
represent the experts' ken, help
        peeps remember key elements.
                let's select well. we'll revel yet.


Can it just be over yet?

Here's the thing, after last week, I don't want to hear another word. Not. One. Word.

But, that is wishful thinking. Both sides are ratcheting up their game plan, resetting, polling, texting, emailing, tweeting, Facebooking, calling.  

It really feels like we're getting sprayed with perfume by those annoying sales clerks who stand at the entrance of department stores with decanters, squeezing and squeezing, chasing after us when we try to avoid them.

Hang on. One month and one week left.  

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