Artist of the Day: Home Is Wherever I'm With You - Jan Skacelik

home is wherever i'm with you  jan skacelik

I love this image and what it represents.

My dream has never, ever, been to own or live in a trailer, in case you're wondering. The freedom of pulling your home with you where ever you go, is appealing, but the impermanence is unsettling. I can just imagine hitting a bump and there goes everything rolling down a ravine.

I've been thinking a lot about change, which has led to thoughts about scaling down. Way down.

Tiny house designs and blogs have really been fueling my imagination for some time now. 

I love my house. I really do. I don't love all my stuff, though. I've been clearing out each room and sending car fulls of bags to local thrift stores. I started with my closet, on the advice of Gretchen Rubin's book, The Happiness Project. She has a new book out, Happier at Home. I need to work through all the chapters of the first book before I get to the second. fyi: clear out your closet is the first chapter.

My daughter is moving to Los Angeles in a little more than six months, and the thought of it has me thinking of packing it in, packing it up, and just, starting fresh, changing the narrative, possibly entering another story mid-way.

Could be that I am heading into a mid-life crisis. Could be that what is, just isn't where I want to be any longer.

When I asked my daughter how she felt about what I've been thinking, her reply was, home is where you are. I feel the same way.


artist bio: My name is Jan Skácelík and I work as a graphic designer / photographer / composer in Olomouc Czech Republic. my blog:

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