Artist of the Day: Grandmother's Glasses - Tamara Lee

grandma's glasses tamara lee belatelier

artist bio: I'm a self taught photographer who has a deep appreciation of the photographic arts. Each day I strive to be a better artist than the day before. Website:
This photograph reminds me of my great great grandmother Cora. After all these years, I recognize she is the only true kindred soul I have ever known. I knew her for a very brief time. I miss her very much.

Atlanta, Georgia artist Tamara Lee self-describes as an autodidact.

I love self-taught artists. 

If you think about it, all artists, regardless of their degrees, are self-taught.  Consider: who taught Picasso Cubism? Van Gogh his brush technique, O'Keefe her original content juxtapositions, Pollack his drip technique?

If you are an artist, regardless of whether you have formal training or not, you are brave.

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