Artist of the Day: Utah State Map & North Carolina State Map - Mollie Mattin

utah state map mollie mattin
artist bio: I am a self-taught artist living in central Ohio with my teenage son and my rescue dog, Lucy. After many years in the corporate world, I went back to school to study graphic design and am loving school. I love to create art of all kinds and work in all types of media. My attention span is quite short, so switching subjects often is normal for me.
I've been watching the DNC every night this week, just like I watched the RNC held in Florida last week.
My husband has snored through every single speech. I woke him up numerous times with my laughter, clapping, loud whoops, histrionic sniffing, and heel thrumming.
Watching politics is interactive for me, like skype, (although I really know it is one way): I talk to the speakers, agree, get after them, agree to disagree, gesticulate, and take their pictures, as in stand before the screen and click away. I have quite a collection of television photos.
What does any of this have to do with Utah? I woke my husband during one of tonight's speeches and he asked me what I was watching. He knows exactly what I'm watching. I knew he was sleep talking, but come on.  I told him the DNC. He asked if it was in Utah, or what?
Out of the two of us, he likes to watch the news, so he absolutely has to know the convention is held in North Carolina. I knew I was talking to a man emerging straight out of REM sleep, but I answered him anyway. I told him if it was in Utah, I would be there.   
It's been a great two weeks. Now I don't want to hear any more of it. Wouldn't it be sublime if the debates and elections were held next week, and we could just get on with it?

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