Artist of the Day: Folk Art Hummingbird Portrait - Tamara Adams

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Over a year ago a hummingbird flew over to me and hovered inches from my face. It was a fascinating and disconcerting experience. I felt the air from its thrumming wings on my face. It was engaging and interacting with me in the manner of cats or dogs.
Of course I googled hummingbird + myth + symbolism, and in nearly every search, hummingbirds represented joy.
This painting by Portland, Oregon based artist Tamara Adams reminds me to find joy every day. Every day.
Check out the rest of her paintings on her site.  I especially love Mexican Madonna Guadalupe.
artist bio: The contemporary folk art of Tamara Adams hangs in private and corporate collections internationally. Featured by galleries, publishers and designers, her work is recognized for it's style, color and warmth. Adams' Mexican inspired acrylic paintings of women and children and her modern interpretations of traditional iconography pay tribute to the beauty, mystery and strength of the female spirit. Currently she works and makes her home in Portland, Oregon. She exhibits her original paintings and reproductions in galleries and juried art events on the West Coast and is represented every weekend at Portland Saturday Market.

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