Artist of the Day: The Alley - Darjeeling Unlimited

Have you ever taken a Polaroid picture?
I have a collection of vintage Polaroid cameras. When I'm out thrifting I feel especially lucky if I find a Polaroid camera.  Lucky for me, and for you, The Impossible Project is offering compatible film, and cameras.
So, if you've never taken a Polaroid picture, or experienced the excitement of shaking the film, waiting for the picture to appear, here's your opportunity to shake it like a Polaroid picture.
Speaking of opportunities: I've been seriously thinking about starting a new blog with a specific focus, (unlike this blog which is really like my written journals - filled with ideas and drawings, musings, grousing, the previous night's dream, rants). The new blog will feature a daily photo and an essay of 100 words. By the end of one year, I will have a collection of images and thoughts.
What opportunity do you have up your sleeve?
artist bio: This photo shop features online art photography by two French photographers. This collection of artwork is a visual soundtrack of our travels. We offer high quality prints, black and white, colour, single shot or stories. A winter stroll in Paris, a cup of tea in Darjeeling during monsoon, a life-changing encounter on Russia's Transsiberian, an afternoon of cloud-watching in New Zealand. Pick your moment. Pick a journey.

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