Artist of the Day: Taxis at NIght - Irene Suchocki

taxis at night irene suchocki  eyepoetryphotography

Back when I used to watch television, (all of three months ago), I liked to watch HBO's Taxicab Confessions. The show is evidence that people will tell a stranger anything and have absolutely no compunction about revealing themselves completely.

Even in this small, small world, we put up on our Facebook pages and blogs that which we never speak of, even to those closest to us.

Perhaps this need to reveal ourselves is like the postsecret phenom where we can secretly or not so secretly release the ugliest, best, or the most secret parts of ourselves without fear of reprisal or of seeing our dreams shot through will holes. 

It's the strangest thing sitting next to a stranger on a flight, or in line at an event, to have them reveal the intimate details of their private worlds. Just last weekend a women I had known for exactly ten minutes revealed her marital despair about her husband of two months, and her plan to divorce. She actually wanted my opinion. What could I say in response other than, good luck?

I haven't been in a taxi for a long time, but I have my computer, and access to blogs and websites the world over. If that fails, I always have the lines at the grocery store. I love all the stories, however I come by them.

Here's hoping your weekend if full of stories.

artist bio: In my photography I combine my love of travel and place with a dream-like aesthetic to create visual poems that evoke a sense of magic, delight, nostalgia and romance. I love to photograph iconic places such as Paris, New York, and Venice in a way that gives the sense of having tumbled through a secret doorway into a previously unseen world. When I am not traveling, I turn to nature for inspiration and for subject matter, with a particular fondness for trees and coastal landscapes.

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