Artist of the Day: What Grows from Your Heart - Frances Clements

What Grows from Your Heart Frances Clements

I love this image.

I have a three basil plants and four geraniums in terra cotta pots lined up on my office window ledge. The geranimus are in bloom, the basil is trying to go to seed. I like to think that each plant has a tiny heart inches beneath the soil keeping them alive,even in the heart of winter. My brain knows their survival is due to environment and constant watering. My brain thinks it knows everything. It doesn't. I think my heart does, though. It's just really difficult to shut off the constant chatter and analysis and ticker tape stream of ideas long enough to listen to its steady beating.

I think the saddest thing is not doing what your heart tells you to do, whether in love, or vocation.

The heart is the only barometer, (if this sounds familiar, it's because it's from The Orchid Thief). The brain lies and justifies and excuses itself almost every second of every day. The brain lies to the heart with such conviction that the heart believes and ends up wandering down the wrong road, into the wrong arms.

My brain tells me stories with such emotion, that even though I know I shouldn't listen, I do.

It's my heart that always sets me down for a little talking to, gives me a gentle nudge, or swift kick, and gets me back on track.

Story and art grow from my heart.

What grows from your heart?

Artist Bio:
I am a wife and mother of two who likes to try new things. I am currently fascinated by the things that can take shape in my mind when I look at an ink blot. I believe that God can take the chaos of our lives and make order. In my own microscopic way, I imitate him by taking the chaos of a blot and turning it into something recognizable.

My shop is simply named after me for two reasons: 1. I am interested in all sorts of things. I might one day add macro photography or stuffed animals or art dolls or beaded jewelry. 2. I tend to like complicated names that others find hard to remember. If you would like to go to my shop, here is a link.

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