Artist of the Day: Garden of Glee - Heather Martin

Garden of Glee Heather Martin

It's cold. The driveway is a sheet of ice, despite my early shoveling. It's a world made of shades of white.

It's good news the snow is here. We waited for a long time for it to arrive. This desert needs the moisture. But now that the snow is here and turning dingy grey, it's like a house guest that has stayed one day too long.

I miss color. Yes, the sky is a blue so piercing it could break your heart, but it's not peony fuchsia, King Tut green, geranium scarlet or dahlia orange. Sigh.

The only blooms in town are forced bulbs. Not that I'm complaining. African violets, peace lilies, and little purple hyacinths line the grocery store rounders.

This painting reminds me that the raucous blooms of spring are just a few months away, and that summer is that much closer.

Artist Bio:
In case you are curious:

My art is inspired by elements of nature. I love small things I can hold in my hands like seedpods, pebbles, twigs and leaves. I love the limitless array of colorful flowers and how they bring such beauty to our world. My paintings come from a heart full of love and thankfulness.

I have a passion for original art, therefor all of my paintings are originals. Because I do not sell prints I try to keep my prices affordable so everyone can experience the fun of having original art in your home and life!

Some of my favorite things. . . . . . in no particular order : )

hot tea with milk and honey
all things Jane Austin
walking the beach on a stormy day
apples and peanut butter
primitive and naive art
my family
handmade soaps
the sound of the wind

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