Artist of the Day: One January Day - Kristina Davidson

One January Day Kristina Davidson

I have to credit etsy for pulling me out of my legion of woe is I funks and I'll never make the deadline freak outs. The site is my go to place when I only have a few minutes and need a way out or a way up.

This morning was full of woe. How can a morning be woeful? Seriously. Well, it was, until I found Massachusetts artist Kris Davidson, and her expressive paintings. If you head over to her site, there are only a few up for sale, but be sure to check out her sold work images, which go on for pages.

I finally chose this image because it captures the month's tone so well. January is the start of the new year, but also, the start of winter at it's most cruel. The snow has yet to fall, but the temperature if bone-chilling. And the light disappears at 5 pm sharp as if your mother came in and caught you reading under the covers with a tiny flashlight and confiscated it without letting you finish the sentence you were reading.

For me January is the introduction to Dante's Inferno. By February I've been to the ninth level and circled back to the beginning, but, March is out there on the horizon.

Even with this painting, I have just a little woe hanging on, so back to etsy. See you there.

Artist Bio:
Welcome to The Quirky Artisan. My name is Kris and I have been making art since I can remember. I create a wide range of paintings and mixed media work, some in galleries, some here on the site. My mission now is to make art accessible to all pocket books. Some call me quirky, but, I think it's important that original art be made available to all audiences. So, whoever you are, thanks for visiting I hope you enjoy yourself. When you visit, my wish is that you leave with a smile on your face and know you can buy art and still have something left over for dinner and a movie.

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