My Funny Valentine Day Wish List: Hearts

Involuntary Heart Print - 11.75 x 8 in.
erin dollar

SALE: 2013 Heart Calendar, 5x7 Individual Pages, Fine Art Photography, Gifts Under 30, Gifts for Women, Desk, Fridge, Frame, Valentines Day
robin barrett
Valentines Day Gift Sacred Heart Found Object Sculpture Gift of Love Sacred Heart 30
suzanne talmadge
Sweet Conversation Heart Soaps
leeana provan
Hot Pink Velvet Heart Decorative Pillow Big Size
send a smooch
SALE Vintage Inspired Marquee Light- Heart
meredith moran

Valentine's Day is next week. I think we spend far too much time focusing only on our partners, lovers, spouses. I think it's a good idea to spread the love this year, so, what I want to do is give a Valentine's to my tribe - my lovely circle of friends and family.

I don't have unlimited funds, so I will have to be creative, as in hurry up and paint or make something to get it in the mail and out on time. 

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