Juiced 2013: Day Eight

 I get it that nobody really cares what you had for breakfast or lunch or dinner, but I just had to share how beautiful my breakfast juice was.

I originally planned to juice for three days, but decided to see what happened if I continued.

Well, I've lost eleven pounds so far. I can not believe it. I have struggled to lose and keep even one pound off the last five years, even with swimming an hour daily and yoga once a week. Plus, my blood pressure was just starting to creep up and now it's back to normal.

What is surprising is that this is so easy. It isn't a struggle. I'm never hungry. I'm feeling well. And I'm losing weight!

My goal now is to juice for another week, the sixteenth of this month, and then follow the vegetable and fruit eating plan from Dr. Joel Furhman's Eat to Live, for six weeks . I picked up a copy last night at Good Earth, an organic grocery store. fyi: organic food is incredibly expensive. I picked up a few items, but purchased the majority at the local Harmon's.

Juicing is expensive mainly because instead of eating one tomato, you juice four. If wouldn't be able to eat the amount of fruits and vegetables required for each recipe for just one meal.

For example, the recipe for the breakfast Purple Power Juice pictured is:
6 cups concord grapes
1 golden delicious apple
2 2x2 pieces ginger
1/2 cup blackberries

Wish me luck juicing for this next week.

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