Artist of the Day: Inner Spring - Louise van Terheijden

Inner Spring  Giclee print meditation white space zen home decor peaceful thoughts white beige

Even though the sky is the color of old cigarette ash, I know Spring is just beyond the horizon.

The title of this print by Tilburg, Netherlands based artist Louise van Terheijden, makes me think that spring can really be a state of being or a state of mind. Since I've always embraced my inner bitch, I think it's time to embrace my inner spring.

Writing and artistic endeavors of all kinds are my inner spring. Despite the gray sky day, it's a good time to get out from under winter's heaviness, push through the snow, and allow the bud to bloom.
artist bio: My name is Louise van Terheijden. I'm a working and living artist from the Netherlands. 'Colorful, Transparant, Poetical'. That's how you could describe my work.
I make everything in my own studio and I only use the best quality paper and inks.
Archival inks and paper so you can enjoy my prints for over a hundred years. My paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature and my observations.

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