How to Write A Paint Strip Poem #2

How to Write a Poem from Paint Strip Prompt
Materials needed:
paint strip assortment

1. Choose 3-5 paint strip color names that appeal to you.
2.  From your color name choices, settle on subject matter that first comes to mind.
3.  Wait for the first line to form in your mind and write it down without editing.|
4.  Continue writing without editing until you feel you have something.
5.  Set it aside for at least a week.
6.  Revise. Set the poem aside. Repeat.

This is from a paint strip-inspired poem I wrote five years ago and revised today. This is the first revision.
Blood Prophet

The prophet discovers her shadow
in the guts of her beloved.

She finds her darker self
emerging from that other body,
a red wine blush.

The prophet is a covered
bridge, blood, like hidden water
tunneling through her, its silent currents
eddying the rivers of her body,
until she, herself, is pierced by probing hands.

The prophet knows it is possible
to find the shape of her heart
beneath the ribs of a stranger,
refracted through the dark mirror
of humankind’s reflection.

The prophet is a kind of artist, her oracle a burin,
inscribing prophecy in careful runes on our copper hearts

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