Artist of the Day: Supermarket Stich - Holly Levell

Heinz Tomato Ketchup- Textile Soft Sculpture
heinz tomato ketchup
Peanut M&M's- Textile Soft Sculpture
peanut m & m's
Diet Coke- Textile Soft Sculpture
diet coke

Regardless of whether you had an art history class or not, you have probably seen Andy Warhol's  32 Campbell Soup Cans.

Paying homage to Warhol's Pop Art, Fiber artist Holly Levell Supermarket Stitch series elevates the common condiment, candy, soda with textile rather than ink.
artist bio: I graduated last July from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Textile Crafts but my love for textiles, making and general crafty-ness has grown since childhood. I am inspired by my daily surroundings and the unnoticed aspects of life and how as an artist I can change the status and meaning of the humble object using my personal textile craft technique. It’s the idea of taking something that is overlooked in life and catapulting it into the spotlight

My current work “Supermarket Stitch” came from exploring ideas of objects that feature in everyday activities. I started to draw objects, stitch objects and just explore the solid things i could see.
The project was born one afternoon when I was just drawing in my room and thought I wonder if I could make this bean can but completely stitched, softening the lines of the solid idea with a touch of my personal identity in there too.Each of my soft sculptures are completely handmade using a variety of fabrics and take me a few days to complete.All the work seen here is made to order meaning each sculpture you receive was made for you by me making it even more special.Commissions Available.

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