The Coffee Project: 6 December 2012

The Coffee Project
I haven't posted an image of my father for my The Coffee Project in over a year. I can't tell you why I stopped, but I think today is the perfect day to resume.
I meet my father for coffee every day after work. He tells me about his day. We argue about politics. And religion. And just about everything. We solve the world's problems. We laugh. A lot. Sometime he pulls out a tale of the South Pacific, ca. WWII peace keeping forces, 1946.
Sometimes, he reveals a Dickensian tale from his Great Depression childhood. He is a walking history library, both world, local, and personal.
He is a natural storyteller. Like his best friend said, "If Dan doesn't know something, he'll make it up."
He's turning 85 next month. He learned to text this year

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