Artist of the Day: Llama, Adorned - Marian Short

llama, adorned marian short
Wouldn't it be excellent if every single one of us were as self-possessed as this llama?
Check out the woodblock prints of the witty and whimsical animals of Cakeasaurus' menagerie.
artist bio: One day in second grade I announced I would become a children’s picture book author when I grew up. While I am fully into adulthood now and don’t "seem" to be a picture book author, I have never lost sight of that. Maybe it’s like Sandra Cisneros posits in her House on Mango Street – that age is like the layers of an onion: you never lose the younger years, they’re just different layers. So: kind of like that, the picture book-me is still in there. And my woodblock prints reflect this: I love to create designs that are playful, whimsical and perhaps slightly off-kilter – and for me, striking a balance between text and image sets the stage for tantalizing partial narratives. Yes, the penguin is leaving with his suitcase and he seems fed-up. What on earth happened and where is he going?

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