Artist of the Day: Return to Self - Terra Holcomb


return to self terra holcomb

It's easy to get lost in a job, relationship, in all the doing and shoulds and have-to that daily life requires.

This photograph of a woman wearing antlers by Seattle based photographer Terra Holcomb, reminds me that there's a wild woman tucked inside me, and I've ignored her for far too long. (I think I shushed her about ten years ago, and she is refusing to stay quiet any longer).

I don't mean wild woman, as in,  the howling id of the me my mine sort. I'm talking about the wild essential self where imagination, and creation, and joy come from.  

How about all of us let our wild woman (or wild man) out to play?
artist bio: I was born on the first Earth day–April 22, 1970. My name is Terra because it means “Earth” in Latin. True to my name, I am captivated by landscapes and nature photography. I am a Washington native that takes every opportunity to explore our exceptionally diverse state. A two to three hour drive take me and my camera to the ocean, the rainforest, mountains or the desert.

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