Artitst of the Day: Home Way - Harry Stooshinoff

  home way harry stooshinoff paintbox
All roads lead home. You can never go home again. Home is where the heart is.
The holiday season, at its core, is really about home and tradition, personal and cultural.
One holiday tradition I do every year is a breakfast casserole Christmas morning, which is really a kind of bread pudding. I had never really thought of it as a tradition until my stepson said, It's not Christmas unless its Christmas casserole. Very sweet.
Check out Harry Stooshinoff's painting and prints on his site. I love his use of color and brushwork, and how he indicates a landscape so beautifully. This painting is a new favorite.
artist bio: When I was a boy growing up in Saskatchewan, I used to look far into the distance and wish I had more trees around protect me and make the place feel less empty.  Now I have lots of trees around me, but I still like to look very far into the distance.  It's a big, NOISY world.. So I make small, quiet paintings... It makes a certain kind of sense.

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