Artist of the Day: Pardalote - Bridget Farmer

pardalote bridget farmer
This is the weekend I begin filling all the bird feeders I've secured in the trees surrounding my house. I love checking the snow for bird tracks. I'm not a serious birder, but I love to see which avian visitors are frequenting my home.
I'm on the wrong continent to watch for this lovely bird, unless, it migrates to the dead sea nearby. I will have to research this.
Drop by Daylesford, Australia based artist Bridget Farmer's site to see more of her charming etchings.
artist bio: I have always loved drawing, when I was little it was cats. My mum used to have my drawings of cats all over the place. Big, fat, colourful, striped, whiskered cats. Now my obsession has moved to birds. I wouldn't call myself a bird watcher, more a bird noticer. When I moved to Australia in 2005 from Northern Ireland I was stunned by the difference in birds. It was this difference, above all others that really told me I was in a different country, very far from Northern Ireland! It was also at this time that I discovered printmaking at one of the Australian Print Workshop's weekend classes. I realised it was an interesting way to utilise my drawings and take them a step further. I felt my linear style translated well into etching and I loved the process involved. After a year of using the facilities at the workshop I decided to enrol in a Masters of Fine Art, Printmaking at RMIT, Melbourne. After completing my studies I was granted a one year scholourship back at the Australian Print Workshop where I furthered my technical printmaking knowledge. In 2009 I returned to Northern Ireland for two years, in which time I was a member of the Belfast Print Workshop. In August 2011 I got married to my Australian husband and we returned to Australia in September 2011.

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