Artist of the Day: The Radiant Child - Jessica Echevarria

the radiant child jessica echevarria abstractcelebrity
Finding Northampton, Pennsylvania based artist Jessica Echevarria, aka MOPS, is an exciting discovery. Every piece on her site demands attention.
I love this brilliant mixed-media portrait of painter Jean Michel Basquiat. If you love this portrait, you will also love Echevarria's portrait of Jay-Z and Lady Gaga.
artist bio: Urban Artist with a fire inside. I use mixed mediums, and empowerment to create art. Starting only a few years ago, I have managed to stay prolific, find my voice, and create a style that is my own. I find inspiration in everything, and have no intentions of ever stopping this creative moving train. I genuinely love making others happy, and am grateful to have found my reason for living. Making art is everything! Smile, it feels good!

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