Artist of the Day: Still - Kat Hannah

Art print of original oil painting. girl figure portrait. "Still"

Although the title of this strange and wonderful painting suggests stillness, peace, tranquility, that thin red hoop illustrates the nature this day, (mine), perfectly.

Some days you jump through hoops. Or, skip on one foot, then the other through whatever hoops are in your path. Other days it's possible to dodge them altogether. And then there are days when you float through very slowly.

What is your experience with making it through hoops?
artist bio: I'm Kat Hannah and I create imaginative, yet strangely familiar figures, with the occasional oddly behaving animal thrown in the mix. Following a fine art degree in sculpture, primarily of large metal found objects, painting of a narrative nature has emerged as my primary focus. These figures, at times bittersweet and reflective – are much like the times in our lives.

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