Artist of the Day: Burden of Evolution - Maria Oliver

Burden of Evolution, hand-pulled print: purple and red version
 burden of evolution



Buy a Print. Save a Life.

I just discovered this artist today and love her style very much. Read  Maria Oliver's bio below for perspective.

I love Oliver's Burden of Evolution print. Evolving is difficult, but not as difficult as stasis. I had a realization literally at 9:15 A.M. that all the petty betrayals I've shrugged off as nothing, are indeed something. They are an indicator that I've been betraying myself for a very long time.
artist bio: Hello, Dear Friends. Our family is trying to help Maria and her husband fight a serious illness that Maria has been battling for the last few years. Before she became ill, Maria was a talented graphic designer and artist. We are raising funds for her medical expenses by trying to sell her artwork, as Maria decided to. All proceeds from the sales will go entirely to her medical needs. Please look at our page and when you decide to buy, know that your money is going towards a good cause of saving a life.

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