Artist of the Day: Follow Your Heart - Nadezda Bokovikova

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Following your heart is a simple process unless your heart can't decide which direction to take.
Latvia based artist Nadezda Bokovikova painted stones remind me to not take art or life so seriously and that sometimes art is right under my feet.
artist bio: Thank you so much for visiting my simple and quiet shop. It is full of Mother's Nature touches and kisses. I love so much the materials what I use for making this unusual, warm and cozy things. And it is full of real life when you see it, touch it, wear it. I love these beach stones so much! They are so simple, so quiet... But every stone is so beautiful! Especially when you look at it longer - you see its own story, its secret patterns and you love it more and more. And you want to be quiet, meditative and happy like this little stone...You can follow my blog: and Facebook:

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  1. Just found your blogpost. Thank you so much for sharing my works :)