Artist of the Day: Magic Carpet - Dawn Siebel

Magic Carpet Art PRINT, Girl, Flying Carpet, magical, fantasy, flying, Victorian, castles, 8 x 8 archival
magic carpet
Original OIL Painting, Manet, Dejeuner dur l'herbe, green, forest, Summer Picnic, 14 x 14 on wood panel
summer picnic
Tea Party, Art PRINT, children, magical, surreal, Victorian, William Morris, 8 x 8, archival from original Oil painting
tea party
American Gothic, 12 x 12 print, Grant Wood, Americana, farm, farm house, wall art, archival from original oil painting,
american gothic
Humorous OIL Painting, funny art, birthday art, pink, Marie Antoinette, Versailles// 14 x 14 on wood panel
marie antoinette
Farm Children in Landscape PRINT, pasture, nostalgia, mountains, buffalo, river, Victorian, 8 X 8, archival, green, purple
farm children

I love Dawn Siebel's reimagining of classic paintings, and her innovative painting style.

I truly wish there were magic carpets on which it were possible to soar above the landscape and escape for a brief time.
artist bio: Old photographs began appearing in my paintings in 2001 within months of my parents giving me all the old family photographs. I love history and exploring the effects our culture has on our thinking and our lives. Incorporating these photos into my work seemed a perfect way to explore these themes. My story paintings begin with an archival scan of an old photo that is glued and sealed to a wood panel before being transformed with oil paint. The only thing sure to survive is the original face; I may transform everything else. More recently I have incorporated found paint-by-number paintings into my canvases. 

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