Artist of the Day: Sign - Lela

Typographic Print - TITLE If you were looking for a sign, this is it - SIZE 10x8 inch
Typographic Print - TITLE What goes around comes around - SIZE 10x8 inch
Typographic Print - TITLE This too shall pass - SIZE 10x8 inch
Typographic Print - TITLE Live and Let Live - SIZE 10x8 inch
I love these prints. Love them!

The first begs the question, how many signs do you need before you believe? For me, it's in the 10 to 33 range.

I could hang Aberdeen, Scotland based artist Lela's typographic prints on a wall in every room of my house. (I reread this sentence and although it was not my intention to be inadvertently threatening, I am keeping this as is, because it makes me laugh)
artist bio: I live in sunny Aberdeen which lies on the North East Coast of Scotland. I love to draw, paint, design and am forever on the look out for that little bit of something special. I hope you enjoy my artwork and my special vintage finds.

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