Artist of the Day: Sweet Connections - Louise van Terheijden

Sweet connections - Featured in West Elm - Reproduction from original watercolor painting A4 print orange pink springtime
sweet connections

This print reminds me of cells.

When I saw it I thought it expresses how my place in the world has been shaking out the last few months. And it's been shaking, not as in seismic, but as in slight tremors turning the ground to sand.

I've been in a very introspective, inward phase.  I haven't felt like talking so much, as doing.

This past January I made a decision to change my life, as in chuck all the "stuff" that no longer worked, and the Universe took me seriously! Be careful what you ask for, because you will get it. Not always in the time frame you think, though.

What I'm realizing is that small decisions or conversations or transactions from years ago are directly connected to the here and now. Some connections are slap your head realizations, other connections are not always that obvious. Some are sweet. Some bitter. Some terribly sad. Others verging on joyful.

Life really is good. And beautiful. And, oh, so complex.
artist bio: My name is Louise van Terheijden. I'm from the Netherlands in Europe.

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